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The company has been growing not only in interest of it’s customer based but also in terms of better quality standards, enhanced services and consistency in terms of product quality and availability.

Our main aim is to give a best quality products, total customer satisfaction by personalized attention, understanding and developing innovative technique for customer benefits.

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TECHNOLOGY:- Advance micro-controller with unique S.M.D. chip for A to D conversion.
         Auto zero tracking. And power saver mode.

OVERLOADING:-No risk factor with overloaded by 2 to 4 times of scale capacity, and
         impacted with 2 times of scale capacity,
         Audio and visual indication of overload weight.

ECONOMICAL:-    Having long lasting performance because of best quality product, and 

         low maintenance, " REPTECH " proving itself investable assets.

QUALITY:-    We offer the quality products that make free of cost at last, without tears.

FOCUS ON:-    To think of quality and to bring better things to our product,
         to make customer happier.